Our legendary high-quality Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts are available with 10% or 20% Mitragynine
Available in
1g, 5g, 10g
and 25g bags

Full spectrum Kratom Extract

bigtrea’s XRELEAF Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts not only contain the main alkaloid Mitragynine but the complete spectrum of Kratom alkaloids, including Paynanthenine, Speciogynine and Speciolliatine.

Because of the Full Spectrum extraction method, XRELEAF Kratom Extract has similar characteristics as Kratom powder.

As all the other products that bear our name, we have our extracts tested with an independent laboratory to check on alkaloid content and possible contamination.

We are proud to say that after a few years on the market, our bigtrea XRELEAF Full-Spectrum Extracts have set a solid standard for great value Kratom extracts in Europe.

Our XRELEAF Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts are available as powders with 10% and 20% Mitragynine, as well as the new XRELEAF Liquid with 87mg Mitragynine per ml!

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