Trusted suppliers

Trusted Suppliers

Having the right partners is clearly one if not the most important part when it comes to operating in the Kratom market. As much as we like the culture and way of doing business in Southeast Asia and especially in Indonesia, there are challenges you will need to overcome. Or you choose working with bigtrea and avoid all of the following difficulties. 

Culture in Indonesia does not imply to inform partners about bad things or having a direct communication.

Unfortunately, there are many frauds operating on the market. Even if a first sample shipment runs smoothly and you receive a great quality, for your main orders this often changes drastically, and you don’t receive your order at all or get a bad or substandard quality.

Communication can be tough due to language barriers and cultural differences. Culture in Indonesia does not necessarily imply to inform partners about bad things or having a direct communication. Even if the seller you are working with is legit and makes a good job, many shipping agents are causing major problems and goods are not declared in a right way.

There are many things that can be done wrong while processing Kratom. We make sure it is done right!

We ensure that our partners wait for the right moment to harvest the Kratom leaves, dry them appropriately, use food grade machinery in the whole process, respect hygiene standards and do not use any chemicals. We have gone through all these experiences and are happy that today we are in a position where we found the right suppliers to work with. To avoid going through these challenges we would be happy if you consider bigtrea BV to be your partner in the Kratom business. By doing so you will circumvent many difficulties and loss of money.

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