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From leaf to product

To ensure a safe, clean, and high-quality Kratom product there are many things to take care of during the manufacturing process. Or in other words, there are many mistakes that are potentially made by the farmers and processors. We will try to give you an overview of what needs to be checked with your supplier to receive the product you are looking for.

The Kratom Industry

Many people have a wrong idea about how the Kratom industry in Indonesia works; therefore, they make major mistakes when dealing with their supplier and have a high potential to face serious problems within their purchasing process. In the following we want to present you how the industry works and introduce the most common business models.
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Pesticide Usage

If you ask your supplier in Indonesia, if they are using pesticides, herbicides or fungicides during the growing process of the Kratom they will most definitely tell you, they don’t. From on-site information, when investigating different suppliers, we know that this is not true for everyone.
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Trusted suppliers

Having the right partners is clearly one if not the most important part when it comes to operating in the Kratom market. As much as we like the culture and way of doing business in Southeast Asia and especially in Indonesia, there are challenges you will need to overcome.
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Lab testing

After having tried different Kratom specialized testing laboratories we learned that test results differ strongly between certain laboratories. This can occur due to slightly inaccurate testing processes. We sent same samples to different labs and decided for the lab that delivered steady results.
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Scientifically speaking there is only one species of Kratom trees which can have red, white and green veined leaves. Most of the vendors do not have different Kratom trees with assorted colors on the trees, but many trees that can have all colors mixed-up up on the same branch, even horned.
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Harvest & Drying

The harvest and drying methods vary between different farmers, some do not take enough time to let the leaves grow to a certain age. We make sure that our product stays on the tree long enough to produce the wanted alkaloids and that the drying process is handled with a focus on clean production.
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Many producers do not use appropriate machinery to guarantee a safe product. It is more expensive to only use stainless steel machinery and most vendors have not been at their farmers place to know what they are using. We made sure that only stainless-steel is used while processing the leaves.
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Hygiene Standards

Even if the whole processing is done correct, a particularly important topic can spoil the whole result and that’s hygiene. We made sure that our suppliers only produce in a hygienic way following a sanitation protocol of course with suitable protective gear.
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