New Guaranteed Mitragynine content 1,3%-1,7%. Clean and safe product including certificate of Analysis. Available in 25g, 100g and 250g


bigtrea’s Premium Kratom only consist of the best selected strains of Kratom with the focus on the main alkaloid Mitragynine and is currently without competition in Europe. And not only that, but we also mix our Premium Kratom in big batches in a three-dimensional rotary mixer to have the most consistent Kratom powder on the market and are able to have a standardized Kratom that is always the same strength – no more inconsistencies between the batches!
This way we also make sure there are no fluctuations between different areas of the batches like it usually happens with non-mixed and non-standardized Kratom products, but our whole batch of Premium Kratom has one consistent alkaloid profile throughout. Because of this feature, bigtrea Premium Kratom can be considered far superior to regular Kratom powder. We have all our products tested with an independent laboratory to check on alkaloid content and possible contamination.

Every package has a QR Code that guides you to the specific test results for this batch, so you and your customers can always be sure to only have safe Premium Kratom in your hands.

Our Premium Kratom is offered with guaranteed Mitragynine content of either 1.3%, 1.4%, 1.5%, 1.6% or 1.7% Mitragynine. It is available in pouches of 25g, 100g or 250g.

Contact us today if you are interested in adding this product to your company’s portfolio and receive a free sample!

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