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We are a Kratom-Wholesaler based in Central Europe. We have been operating within the Kratom industry for more than a decade. Major European Kratom distributors have been part of our customer base for years now.

  • To guarantee the quality of our products we have all our products lab tested by an independent institution. They lab test our products on all kinds of possible contamination such as heavy metals, salmonella, e.coli bacteria and many more. Also, we check if any pesticides have been used. In addition to this we check the content of the main alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.
  • The focus on our customers and their requirements is the most important thing for us when it comes to service quality. Inquiries, orders, or questions are processed as fast as possible to make sure our customers receive fast responses. As a customer of bigtrea you will have your personal contact person, that is available for you via e-mail or phone at any time.
  • In case you wish for special packaging or any other requirement considering your order at our company, we gladly adapt to your needs.
  • Due to our large stock, orders can usually be delivered within a few days, which makes it possible for your business to act quick and cut delivery times.
  • Due to the contacts with the best Kratom manufacturers we were able to establish over the years and the extremely large amounts that we are buying, we can offer competitive prices for your business, even though we offer above average quality.
  • Send us your inquiry and we make sure to send you your personal offer with attractive prices.
Being economically successful is clearly a main goal for every company. Besides that, we feel the obligation to treat all our business partners as well as the environment in a respectful and honest way. Therefore, everyone here at bigtrea obeys the following rules:
  • We are always honest with everyone!
  • We make sure our suppliers treat their workers and the environment in a good way. To ensure that we visit our partners in person regularly and quit doing business with those who do not meet our ethical expectations.
  • Delivering only safe products of high quality, even if that decreases our margin.
  • Respecting our product Kratom by being careful how we market and communicate within our business, even if this might mean passing on short term economical success.

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bigtrea® branded products

Our own premium branded products include high-quality Full Spectrum Kratom extracts as well as Kratom powders with guaranteed Mitragynine content

BULK Kratom Powder

We have a wide assortment of different high quality Kratom strains. Have a look at our display of milled Kratom leaves.

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